Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lady dude and female guy freestyle street poem

Erick's cyan food dye from New Year's is still in a patch on the concrete outside my window. I have been waiting for the sun to bleach it out or the rain to wash it away. Hasn't happened yet. We had a house inspection last Tuesday so I placed some autumn leaves over the patch and weighed them down with stones. A few days later I found that the leaves had magically soaked up some of the dye.
Yesterday I got some sheets of paper and piled them on top of the patch. I weighed them down with stones like I did with the leaves. When I got home today I found they had blown away without soaking up any of the dye.
Here is the poem Caroline and I "wrote" as we discussed the situation this evening.

It blew away.
So it didn't blue away.
Blew away,
no blue away.
Blue stay.

1 comment:

  1. Oh! The songs of songs! The candle of memories! The delta blues without a guitar! The wind-blown fly-aways stuck like a rock!
    ... on the up and up:
    "blue stain, don't bother me
    blue stain, don't bother me
    Blue stain don't bother me -
    Cos I'm as happy as blue can be!"