Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lady dude and female guy freestyle street poem

Erick's cyan food dye from New Year's is still in a patch on the concrete outside my window. I have been waiting for the sun to bleach it out or the rain to wash it away. Hasn't happened yet. We had a house inspection last Tuesday so I placed some autumn leaves over the patch and weighed them down with stones. A few days later I found that the leaves had magically soaked up some of the dye.
Yesterday I got some sheets of paper and piled them on top of the patch. I weighed them down with stones like I did with the leaves. When I got home today I found they had blown away without soaking up any of the dye.
Here is the poem Caroline and I "wrote" as we discussed the situation this evening.

It blew away.
So it didn't blue away.
Blew away,
no blue away.
Blue stay.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sneak Tee View

Oooh George Street Clowns t shirts are here. In stunning Purple and Gold. You can get them in 2XL, XL, or L. If you want one you can email me on , plus I'm in the process of setting up online sales from my website. That will be ready soon. Obviously I'm going to do a photo shoot with supermodels as well and this is an unofficial preview.