Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Anderson tartan

Penn Island Wasters

Awesome fashion of a guy on the train


Hi Mum

Double O flowers ideas page

Occupational health and safety

These are some notes about hazard management from some occupational health and safety training I did at the NGV.


Safari window

Dolphin bummage

Apparently dolphins aren't always as nice as the media makes them out to be.

Faux Elegance

Nice try!

The Good Ship Glitzern: Summon The Kraken

This is a drawing I did for the invitation to a nautical themed exhibition that's on now at Glitzern, the best accessories shoppe in Melbourne.

More George St Clowns calligraphy

I'm getting more used to my new fat pen. This George St t shirt design is truer to the vibe of the Clowns and less 15 yr old graffiti artist and I think its a bit better than the other one on here.

Dancing horses

Mexican winged horse figurines having a really good time.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


These are the lions from the other time I went to the zoo with Monica, about a week before. We saw them getting fed half a goat each before Eddy Current played in a clearing there at twilight. Real and magical.

Zoo trip 3 Mondays ago

Went to the zoo recently with Monica and Rob and drew some animals as research for the children's book I am illustrating. The reptiles were not moving as much as the mammals.

GSC t shirt design

I did this today. This is another t shirt design. Also will look best at the largest possible size.

Oh No

This is now a t shirt and inevitably becomes relevant at some stage when you wear it. You can get it in normal sizes or my personal favourite size, 2XL.

George Street Clowns

These are posters for some house parties Caroline and I have had since we moved into our house in George St. Our dance style and attitudes to life have been deeply influenced by Tommy The Clown, Miss Prissy, Tight Eyez, Lil C and others who started the hip hop clown movement in South Central Los Angeles, USA.