Monday, May 4, 2009

Family festival and Grampians cake

It was Dad's 60th birthday last weekend. Dad and Mum came over from NZ for 6 days and the whole family went to the Grampians to celebrate. Sean, Caroline and I six timesed a recipe and made a marbled chocolate and almond Grampians cake with everyone on it.
Here is some trivia:
We used 18 eggs.
The Grampians ranges (known by Aboriginal people as Gariwerd) are 260km north west of Melbourne and are 1000 metres high.
All the people are edible.
Yep that is Belgian chocolate and the rubble and dirt is made of hazelnuts.
Mum gets embarrassed if she ever bumps into anyone she knows when she is wearing that sheepskin hat.

Here is a photo essay of the whole process.


  1. possibly the best sculpture i've ever seen.

  2. Gee thanks Andy! I am accepting your compliment on behalf of all three of us.